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We have said what we do, but what can we do for you?


for the last 5 years, we have worked internationally, not only in the film industry, but also in the industrial inspection field. we have now brought our experience and professionalism to the lowcountry, and would like to show you all the possibilities with a uav. we are always working on new applications for uav's, but also open to problem solving and custom solutions for clients. if you have a problem, an idea, or simply just want a demo to see our capabilities, we are available any time of the day or week. the greatest advantage of our uav's, is the cost base is significantly less when compared to using a full size aircraft. we are able to achieve the same end product, but the advantages of lower cost, time to setup, shot capability and live monitoring for the clients all increase overall production value.


one important issue is safety, especially when it involves people and property. we maintain a $5,000,000 liability insurance plan at all times, and have a perfect safety record. Currently, licenses are not required to fly uav's in the united states airspace, but that is quickly changing per the faa's guidance. we currently hold certificates with CASA (civil aviation safety authority-Australia), and bnuc-s (basic national uas certificate for small unmanned aircraft-UK), which were required when we worked overseas. we are currently in the process of applying for exemptions from the faa, but it is a lengthy process, and in the meantime we are able to operate fully with some minor restrictions.


aerial media is our business. it is not a hobby, a second job, or a side project. we have spent years mastering our craft, along with building our fleet of rigs, camera equipment and post-production software. we started off in aerial photography and cinematography, but the last few years have been split between industrial and creative projects. we are proficient in post production software, using the latest adobe master suite, which includes photoshop, after effects, premiere and lightroom. recently, we made a sizable investment in our 3d mapping software, as it is the key to providing the clearest and highest resolution 3d images. we currently use AGisoft photoscan pro for our mapping and erosion projects, and 3df zephyr for smaller, but more detailed projects.


when you choose us for your aerial project, you get an experienced team of professionals ready to accomplish any goal you have in mind.




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