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New DJI S1000+ (Plus) for Aerial Photography

DJI S1000+ Info Released....DJI is coming out with some great gear for aerial photography enthusiasts. a few months ago a dji s1000 would retail for almost $7500. Now, the new s1000+ price has been lowered to $4500, and has all the newest upgrades. The s1000 is a great rig for aerial photography, as it can carry cameras like the canon 5D or lumix gh4 and has excellent flight times. Every day we are using our rigs for new purposes, not just solely aerial photography....but mapping, industrial inspections, cinematography and thermal imaging. We are seeing lower costs, and advanced features, which makes these rigs more common for everyday use. If you would ever like a demo of a s900, s1000, or cinestar rig, simply send us an email using our contact page.

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